Fall Date Ideas

Hey everyone!

It’s September and you know what that means! Fall is right around the corner, the best time of the year. I live for fall and everything that comes with it. Dalton and I spend so much time outside and enjoying this time of the year so I thought we would share some of our favorite fall dates with you!


The pumpkin patch is one of our favorite places! It is so festive and fun and there are so many great photo opportunities. Our pumpkin patch is in the botanic gardens, and the whole area is full of food vendors, corn mazes, and activities. A day at the pumpkin patch is always a day well spent. Plus carving comes to follow, and who doesn’t love a night of that!


Like I mentioned above our local botanic gardens has a huge corn maze. There is always a normal corn maze, and then a haunted one. We’ve done both and there are advantages to each. We love to go with a group of friends regardless of the maze we choose. It’s a more the merrier type of situation! Grab some hot chocolate and a hoodie, and spend a chilly evening getting lost in good company.


Where we live in Colorado, the trees in the mountains put on the most beautiful display of fall colors. A day spent driving to find the most colorful spot is always a fun adventure. Bringing lots of snacks, a good camera, and some walking shoes are essential. Don’t be afraid to park the car and wonder a little to find the best spot. Trying out a new restraunt in a small town, on the journey is always a plus!


There is nothing that screams fall more than football. Watch a professional game, college game, or even head out to your local highschool to watch a friday night football game and relive some of your best memories. Dalton and I recently joined a fantasy football league this year and have had so much fun playing together, so girls don’t be afraid to join in on the league and create some friendly competition!


When the leaves start to fall, I can’t help but want to bake everything, from pies, to cookies, brownines, cobblers, the list goes on! Dalton loves to eat everything, but he has found that he has just as much fun helping. Don’t be hesitant to have your boyfriend get involved, and teach him how to make some of the things you both love to share. And have even more fun eating it!

Those are five of our favorite things to do during the fall time, what are some of yours for us to try? Go ahead a leave a comment how you and your lover spend this great time of the year!



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