Sunshine Blogger Award

Hi guys!!

So I have been nominated for the sunshine blogger award which is so cute, and I’m so happy that it even happened considering I just started this blog! And because there are questions, I figured it would be a good way for you guys to get to know me, better! I was nominated by Belladona26 which is so nice and she has the cutest blog so you guys should for real check her out! She runs just about one of my new favorite lifestyle blogs! She also loves cute coffee shops and posts about all about them! Overall, just a super cute blog and I think you all would love checking her out!

Alright so let’s get into this.

First things first the rules of the award!

  1. Thank the person who nominated you in a blog post and link back to their blog.
  2. Answer all the questions sent by the person who nominated you.
  3. Nominate blogs to receive the award and write them new questions.
  4. List the rules and display the Sunshine Blogger Award logo in your post.

So here are my answers to the lovely Belladona26 questions!

If you had all the time in the world, and no place to be, what would be the first thing you did?

Alright lets see here! Truly, I think the first thing I would want to do is spend a special day with Dalton doing some of the stuff we love. Right now we are soooo busy, with school, and work, and everything else, that it would be so great to get to get dressed up cute, and like go to our favorite restaurants, or a Rockies game, or some of the things we love to do together, but just haven’t had the chance to lately.

What is one thing you do for relaxation?

When it comes to relaxation, I love to get all cozy in my bed, with some good snacks nearby, and light the lavender candle on my night stand, to spend some time just watching Grey’s on Netflix. Grey’s just really takes my mind off of everything, and allows me to fully relax!

What is your favorite fall essentials?

My fall essentials are so simple and easy. I love a good pair of boots, my favorites are Steve Madden’s and I wear them as often as I can! They make all of my outfits look so cute, and perfect for autumn! I also love sweaters/cardigans, and lots of big cozy hoodies!

What do you love to write most about on your blog?

I think because I’m new to this whole blogging world I haven’t quite figured that out yet! I’m excited to write all different kinds of posts, and see what you guys like hearing most!

Would you rather be too hot, or too cold?

Living in the suburbs of Colorado I have experience with both! And I would always pick too cold! When you’re cold, you can always put on more clothes, and more blankets! But when you’re hot there is only so much you can do! Always too cold people, it’s the better option I promise.

Alright! Now for my nominees!

  1. Jessica Jade
  2. Chelsea Thompson
  3. An Endless Weekend
  4. Jessies Blog<3

My questions for you guys are….

  1. Where is the  coolest place you have ever traveled too?
  2. What inspired you to start a blog?
  3. What is your go to drink at Starbucks?
  4. What is your favorite season and why?
  5. Do you plan on living where you are now for the rest of your life?

Yay! That was to fun! I can’t wait to hear all your guy’s responses! Check back soon for my next post! And if you don’t follow everyone mentioned in this post you should really check them out because they are all so awesome! Have a great weekend cuties!



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